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The initial inspiration for women who choose to become surrogates comes from a sincere passion to help a couple or individual have a child. They realize the fulfillment that is brought into a person’s life from being part of a family. It is important you understand this is more than a nine-month journey. It is an experience that will positively impact you and your family for the rest of your lives.

Some other motivations to become a Surrogate Mother include:
  • Enjoy being pregnant
  • Have a history of easy, uncomplicated pregnancies
  • An opportunity to feel special
  • Empathy for childless couples
  • Importance of their children in their lives
  • Opportunity to make a unique contribution
  • Financial gain for her and her family

The motivation and commitment to become a carrier must be strong, and you will need the support of family and friends. This process can take up to a year and a half from start to finish and sometimes longer. And yes, there will be shots. Your body must be prepared to accept and nurture the implanted embryos, and in order to do so you must undergo a series of daily injections prior to the implantation and after, if the implantation results in a pregnancy. Needless to say, your 100% compliance with doctor’s orders is a must for a successful result.

This may seem overwhelming, but you will have support from this agency every step of the way, in addition to the fertility clinic, the intended parents, and your own support network. We know from experience that once you see the life you helped bring into existence for the first time on the ultrasound screen and the joy on the faces of your intended parents it will all be worth it!

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