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Couples may require the use of a surrogate for any number of reasons, including absence of a uterus, uterine abnormalities, or blood disorders. The thought of using a surrogate may seem overwhelming or impossible, and the journey to parenthood through gestational surrogacy can be demanding mentally and emotionally. That is why Superior Surrogacy Consulting guides you through the entire process to help make your family building dreams a reality. Our goal is to ease the burden on Intended Parents so you can focus on enjoying the journey of starting your new family.

Superior Surrogacy Consulting will facilitate communication between the Intended Parents and their surrogate throughout this journey and provide support and encouragement for all involved. In addition, Intended Parents will retain an experienced reproductive attorney so that the legal burden of the arrangement rests on the shoulders of a trained professional. Similarly, an escrow fund will be established so that the burden of providing reimbursements and monies to your Gestational Carrier and third parties is off your shoulders as well.

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