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Hello! My name is Anastasia Bartlett, and I am the founder of Superior Surrogacy Consulting. I founded this agency during my second journey as a Gestational Carrier. Each experience was so different but so wonderfully profound and life changing that I knew I wanted to continue being a part of this journey for as many others as possible. Of course, I’m 37 and have had 4 pregnancies so I knew continuing to carry for other people wasn’t the way to continue what I felt was my calling.

It was actually something that was said to me by one of the wonderful nurses at the fertility clinic that we worked with both times that planted the seed. I had decided to carry for a second time for a different couple, and we were going through our first transfer attempt. This nurse said to me, “I think it is so wonderful that you have decided to carry again for this couple. It is really hard to find good surrogates.” As soon as I heard this, I felt that this is where I could be of service for others embarking on this journey. With the knowledge I have gained through my experiences of being a carrier, I felt confident I could find and screen other women like me who are compassionate, have a desire to help others, and enjoy being pregnant and bring them together with waiting and hopeful couples.

The knowledge and expertise that came from finding our way through the legal challenges and arrangements necessary to realize the joy of building a family by way of surrogacy, is what I built this agency upon. I am able to offer a personal touch that can only come from someone who has gone through the process themselves. I am driven by my passion to be a part of this process of helping others realize their dreams of having their own family, the desire to be a Surrogate Mother Advocate through education and community outreach, and my own personal experience that has led me to this point. There are other women who are capable of taking on this challenging yet rewarding job, they just need the proper guidance and support from beginning to end to feel confident in taking that first step down a path less traveled.

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